Nanotech laminate Fenix for table tops

Nanotech laminate Fenix for table tops


Nano what? What does laminate have to do with technology? Laminates have been around for a very long time and most people do not give too much thought to the material. It is what it is - but could it be much more? That is the question a few people put to the test, first identifying all the ways they think laminate comes up short:

Scratches easily;

Not very smooth so bacteria and mold can grow on it;

Can carry a static charge;

Low light reflectivity;

Breaks and cracks easily, especially in dry heat;

Feels rough, unsmooth;


The result is a new product called Fenix. They use an electron beam curing process and nanotechnology to make the smoothest high performance laminate that can stand up to heavy work like solid surface materials and glass. They checked every box off - the matte Fenix does not even show fingerprints in colors like black! I like to think of it as the Superman of laminates - electron beams, nanotechnology? Are we still talking about laminate?