What products are in inventory?

Our suppliers are contract manufacturers which means everything is built exclusively for each purchase order. However, in some markets our distributors keep stock so we can deliver come products in 1-2 days. This is perfect for add ons and for helping customers who are only looking for a few chairs.

what technology is supported?

Our suppliers have invested heavily in Configura CET and also had 2D and 3D files for CAD, Sketchup and Revit. This is something reviewed continually as technology changes so quickly. If you need help finding any of these resources please us the “contact” button.

What about COMs and COLs?

Our suppliers are expert upholsterers so they can work with a much wider range of patterns/prints than many of our competitors. Step one is to send a sample to the factory for approval but more importantly to find out if additional fabric is required to make that model look its best.


How does Scheduling & shipping work?

We have teams that work closely with our distributors to communicate move in schedules and then work backwards. We need to give freight cutoffs to production prior to scheduling so we can commit to the required project schedules. To ensure the best communication we are moving to C+F and CIF terms only.

How is warranty handled?

Every order is entered with the end user’s information indicated for purpose of future warranty claims. Although the distributor is handing the purchase, the warranty passes to the original end user. Even if the distributor changes, the warranty is between the supplier and the end user. We support that warranty for its entire term, and and additional service requirements once the product is out of warranty. We have customers who use our products for 15, 20, 25 years. The best “green” business is making products that last and are desired for a long time. We stand by the warranty of all of our suppliers.

Can i purchase keilhauer in local currency?

Purchase orders handled by distributors are sold in local currency. If there is a reason for a direct sale then the product is sold in USD.