How do we work?

In North America manufacturers' reps are used by companies as the sales force. The cost of a direct sales force is leveraged and allows these companies to stay competitive and grow. The independent rep works much like the VP of Sales for a given territory, developing a sales and marketing strategy for that geographic location, providing pre- and post-sales support, and developing the brand name.

Manufacturers' reps do not take possession of product. Actual transactions are between the manufacturer and the customer. It is the best of both worlds - trained and experienced sales representation to support the entire process from specification through installation without impacting product cost. For the customer the system provides a trained advocate on their behalf yet gives them direct access to the supplier, keeping the cost low, the risk low but the support high. 

We seek out suppliers who are established leaders in their market, who embrace the values of design, quality and service and who have a commitment to the environment and community. Our job then takes on four aspects: to enhance the resources for architects and designers and improve the design process, to help our end users thrive and expand using our products, to meet the requirements of all our suppliers, and to grow our company at a sustainable pace.