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Logistics become an important consideration for our markets. Can we deliver on time, will the product arrive without damage, do we have the ability to provide all the paperwork necessary to clear customs? How do we control costs and remain competitive? Can we support warranty issues, small add ons in the future and product discontinuations? How about fire codes and other local requirements?

Our success has been built on developing a solid team of professionals who each bring skills and experience that make the process seamless for the customer. We often work backwards - starting with deadlines, local requirements and financial considerations. Then we take it step by step until we can create a timeline where everyone has the information required to do their part. Sometimes things happen beyond our control - a port strike, a transshipment change, even a tsunami. That's where communication comes in. Until the product reaches the delivery site our team remains in place - whether we are updating the goods news about key dates being made or bad news impacting delivery, we are there.

Logistics is not about what happens once the product leaves the factory - logistics involves asking all the questions early on and ensuring that we meet expectations by communicating early everything that impacts a project. We give priority to careful planning prior to order placement to make sure everything is on track to start and then we manage every milestone until we have a customer who is happy!