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2643 Baker St
San Francisco, CA, 94123
United States


Our passion is finding tools to create spaces that inspire, nurture and enhance great experiences.

Design is about storytelling. A great space welcomes us, energizes us, supports us. It enables us to step into our day feeling positive about change and knowing when we work together, we are going to get great things done. 

Contract Office

Keilhauer Simple chairs

Award winning original designs with finish and upholstery options that allow designers to customize the interior brand for companies. 


Cumberland Clover stools

Quality, high performance and maintenance are all concerns when furniture enhances the spaces that welcome us. Don't forget design - we want hospitality spaces that transport us from the every day to a better way: color, texture, comfort and beauty. Designs that evoke a feeling and tell a story. 


Keilhauer Sky Stools, Enviroleather textiles

Nurture and heal, revive and restore, spaces designed to make all of us feel better: patients, friends and families, healthcare providers. Fabrics and finishes that comfort and are comfortable, finishes that do not harm, and function that supports. 


Keilhauer Danforth chairs

It is all about trust, dependability and reliability - and so are the furniture, finishes and textiles! Honest designs, a wide range of options and price points to meet budgets requirements are all in place from heads of state to local politicians and all the people who support the system. 

Higher Education

Keilhauer Jumble

Schools are focused on preparing students for life after graduation and want spaces that reflect real world work strategies: collaboration, meeting, sharing, presenting, selling, telling and reflecting. Flexible work styles and open spaces, but high quality to endure student use. 



Keilhauer Branden lounge chairs and occasional table

Spas: Luxury with maintenance free finishes, cleanability and long life.

Casinos: 24 hour use, easy to create brand identity, providing hours of sitting comfort.

Retail: Consumers are world travelers and now expect high quality furnishings designed to match the brand with finish and fabric choices to mirror the science and art of shopping. 

SOHO: Small office, home office has special needs, furniture that can be delivered but will last a long time and support long hours of work!

Conference centers: Product that can be moved and adjusted and combined in various layouts to give management the optimal return on their space and event planning. 

Flex space: Needs to change all day long. Adjustable, comfortable with intuitive controls. 

Public spaces: Public lobbies, airports, lounges, areas which bring character to the interior architecture and at the same time welcome visitors with comfort.